Gynaecology At Gynae Worx, we offer a wide range of gynaecological services for women of different ages. Who do we treat? Women of all ages Gynaecological Services Diagnosis and Treatment of Menstrual Abnormalities Abnormalities of menstruation can be distressing and affect a woman’s daily activities at work or at home. It is important to track … Continued


Obstetrics At Gynae Worx, we aim to provide comprehensive Mother and Baby centered Obstetrics healthcare. Obstetric Healthcare is divisible into 4 broad categories. Prenatal Care This is also known as Preconceptual Healthcare. Most often, pregnancy takes us by surprise and is unplanned, but often it is desired. However, in the event that a pregnancy is … Continued

Peace of Mind

Choosing a doctor at Gynae Worx as your obstetrician or gynaecologist guarantees you complete peace of mind.


We at Gynae Worx believe in having good communication with patients and working together as a team to achieve patient orientated goals.

Encourages Questions

We welcome and encourage our patients to ask questions, allowing them to acquire a better understanding of their medical problem.

Individualised Care

Rest assured, that by choosing Gynae Worx, you will be our number one priority. Expect an individualised approach to you and your condition like none other – through careful attention to detail, particular to you and your condition.


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